About Us

Reximex was found in Konya-Beyşehir in 2015. Our founding purpose is to be able to produce world class prod- ucts using the latest R&D and Manufacturing proficiency, with the guidance of our Management and Production team.In such a short time period, Reximex achieved a customer portfolio over 60 countries with the vision of never compromising from manufacturing high quality products and customer satisfaction.



Our Vision

To be one of the best arms manufacturers in the world; using the latest R&D and Manufacturing proficiency, with the guidance of our Management and Production team who has the experience in Arms Manufacturing Business over 25 years.


Our Mission

To work as a team with our Employees, Business Partners, Customers & Suppliers; in order to build a Safe, Peaceful, Honest & Democratic Environment; and keep it that way...


We have a wide product range!

We always aim to respond to the expectations of our customers at the highest level. At the same time, we are always working on launching new products by following the global end-user trends very carefully.

We design customizable products!

We analyze our customers’ conditions & area of use and personal preferences; and we design products that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We reveal easily customizable products that maximizes the end-user experience.

We always bring our manufacturing skills to next level and keep up with the

latest technologies!

Reximex production plant uses modern & latest technology equipment in an integrated production facility of 12.000 square meters. Our Production Facility & Crew is continuously developing and expanding in accordance with our customers’ needs and our future business plans.