Throne Gen2 Compact


Compact Design

Externally adjustable regulator with 18cc pre-chamber
Hammer tension & air transfer port adjustable

Show Markers
Adjustable Butt-Pad
Adjustable Hammer
Adjustable Power
Adjustable Regulator
Interchangable Calibers
2-Way Interchangable Cocking Lever
Easy Change Air-Tube
Integrated Sound Moderator
  • PCP Air Rifle

    Manual loading side lever, pre-charged pnuematic (PCP) air rifle.

    Calibration Options

    Available in .177 (5.5mm), .22 (5.5mm) .25(6.35mm) caliber. ( Interchangeable Calibers )


    Precision rifled barrel for accuracy.


    Detachable 14-shot magazine in .177 (4.5mm), 12-shot magazine in .22 (5.5mm) , 10-shot magazine in .25 (6.35mm)

  • Air Tank

    250 Bar Fill Pressure , 425cc aluminum air tank

    1/2" UNF Muzzle

    1/2” UNF threaded muzzle for additional detachable sound moderators

    Easy Change Air Tube

    Easy Change Air Tube (Switch without De-gassing) , Optional Carbon Tube

    Adjustable Regulator

    Externally Adjustable Regulator

  • Pre-Chamber (18cc)

    Pre-Chamber (18cc)

    Pressure Indicator

    Built-in pressure gauges to monitor the cylinder and regulator pressure.

    Hammer Tension

    Upgraded Hammer Tension Adjustment System

    Quick Disconnect

    Includes 2 magazines and foster quick disconnect male fitting on the rifle and female quick disconnect nozzle included in the box.

  • Dovetail Groove Receiver

    Dovetail groove receiver for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts.


    4 Way Adjustable Trigger & Ergonomic design manual Trigger Safety.

    Adjustable Power

    Power Adjustment (Power Adjustable Transfer Port)


*Scope is not included. Hardcase included.

Sales and Information

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