RS 512

Consistent Shooting Experience

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Recoil Pad

The design and the innovative material of Microcell recoil pad lead to incredibly light and soft recoil pad


5pcs unique shims for adjustment of drop and cast provides personalized aiming

Forcing Cone

BoREX barrels are backbored and lightened forcing cone


90 mm REXtra chokes for better pattern
and knurled to allow for quick and easy
removal or installation

QD Socket

QD socket for quick disconnection system

Better Handling

Anti-Slip Textured Rubber Inlay Synthetic
stock for better handling

Faster Loading

Oversized trigger guard suits for use in all conditions and redesigned for faster loading


The receiver made from 7075 aluminum and aliminum cover make for a lightweight design.

QD Socket

QD socket for quick disconnection system

Consistent Shooting Experience

Advanced Recoil Absorber System reduces the recoil for consistent shooting experience ( *available on Synthetic version ) .

Bolt with carburized rotating bolt head is locked into the barrel


Sales and Information

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